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Online Business Information

Sources and Types of Online Business Information

Search engines can be useful tools for finding business information online. They offer access to a variety of online business information direct from free sources, including:

  • Publishers
  • Credit bureaus
  • Information databases
  • Global regulatory agencies
  • Research organizations
  • Consulting firms

However, many of the above sources do not provide their most detailed information for free. Subscription business information services often provide much more detailed information. Also, the information from business information providers is much higher quality than free information on the Internet, which can be out-of-date and may not have been verified at all.

OneSource provides a subscription that aggregates data from many different sources and provides it through one subscription service, making it easy for users of the subscription to access the best business information through a single source.

Business information is used extensively in disciplines such as sales, marketing, procurement, M&A and finance, legal compliance and consulting. The main types of business information available online include:

  • Industry research
  • Global market research
  • Company information
  • Executive listings
  • Credit and financial data
  • News

Uses of Online Business Information

Information users leverage the Internet for research tasks such as reviewing a prospects website or Googling a competitors product name. They can also access a range of business reports for data on credit ratings, corporate families and industry analyses.

Limitations to Internet-Only Research

There are some limitations to relying solely on the Internet for business research. Searching, organizing and analyzing mass volumes of content is time consuming. And collating content from disparate sources especially financial data is prone to error. News, except press releases on a company website, is usually limited to the current year. Other limitations include the unavailability of private company profiles and free web practices like pop-up advertising and multiple registrations and logins that take a heavy toll on productivity.

Role of Business Information Services Professionals can minimize the impact of free Internet pitfalls by complementing online research with a subscription-based business information service, such as OneSource. OneSource acts as an information agent by selecting premier content providers, collecting all relevant information, and blending and normalizing many data streams into one consistent, consumable asset. It also delivers the information online with browser tools that streamline searching, finding and screening thousands of data sources. Other solutions for optimizing information quality and usability include automated processes and expert editorial oversight.
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