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Business Information Sources

Sources of Business Information

Content providers get data from a variety of sources. These include primary research via surveys and phone interviews, company websites and annual reports. The quality of information varies from source to source, based on source characteristics.

Regulatory filings provide a broad spectrum of data about public companies. The information is accurate and current as of the last filing date. Because filing requirements vary by country, the data can reflect a snapshot taken from 45 days in the past to over a year ago.

News releases provide updates and signal changes in company status. Changes in personnel, partnerships or financial performance may or may not be announced publicly. All companies will announce good news more often than bad, and private companies often remain silent.

Analyst reports provide subjective analysis and financial information from consulting and brokerage firms. These expert opinions are proprietary and fee-based. They are very up-to-date and one of the few information sources that do not originate from the company itself.

Business reports from analyst services evaluate information on subjects such as:

  • Companies
  • Industry trends
  • Global markets and sectors
  • Key players
  • IT investments
  • Economic performance

While often costly, the quantity of information is usually extensive, along with the number of sources producing it. They can lag somewhat because of the time it takes to compile the report.

Blending Multiple Sources

The key to obtaining the best quality content is to blend data from several sources. This is how a business information service, like OneSource, adds value. Ranked first in its industry, OneSource selects premier content providers, collects all relevant information, and blends and normalizes many data streams into one consistent, easily consumable asset.

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