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Business Information

Uses and Types of Business Information

Business information is used heavily in disciplines such as sales, marketing, procurement, M&A and finance, legal compliance and consulting. Business professionals use it to support research, planning and decision-making tasks; and get business intelligence on companies, industries and key executives. The main types of business information include:

  • Industry market research
  • Company information
  • Executive listings
  • Credit and financial data
  • IT profiles
  • News

Sources of Business Information

While there are hundreds of free sources of business information sources, the quality and completeness of this information varies greatly, and it is often very difficult and time consuming to pull together information free sources. Moreover, data from free sources is not as complete as the information from business information services.

The most complete business information services aggregate and package content from multiple, disparate providers usually with a subscription. They typically cull content from a variety of sources including:

  • Primary research via surveys and phone interviews
  • Regulatory filings by publicly traded companies
  • Corporate web sites
  • Company press statements
  • Annual reports
  • News stories
  • Analyst research

Business Information Quality

The usefulness of business information is measured by its quality. In turn, content quality is a factor of the unique characteristics of different data sources.

For example, the depth of information available differs between public and private companies. It also varies from country to country. The quality of coverage on a company also depends on the visibility of its leadership in corporate communications. This is a factor that can vary widely from company to company.

A key to obtaining quality information is to blend data from several sources. This is where a premier business information service like OneSource adds value. OneSource does the work of selecting the best content providers, collecting all relevant information, and blending and normalizing many data streams into one consistent, consumable asset. It also takes many steps to optimize information quality and usability with advanced automated processes and expert editorial oversight.

OneSource Approach to Business Information

OneSource Information Services, Inc. aggregates more data from more disparate sources than any other business information provider. OneSource does the hard work in pulling together this information and making it consistent so that customers of the OneSource service can quickly and easily access the highest quality information.

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