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Company Research

Uses of Company Research

Company research provides a full picture of the business landscape a prospect, customer, competitor or supplier works in. It is used to meet research, analysis and planning goals related to:

  • Preparing for meetings and sales calls
  • Assessing new business opportunities
  • Executing marketing campaigns
  • Sales and financial forecasting
  • Recruiting
  • Evaluating merger and acquisition targets
  • Tracking industry trends

Company research involves gaining an understanding of a business by tracking relevant news, researching key executives, reviewing regulatory filings and corporate family structure, and analyzing revenue and growth.

Types of Company Research

The business information to look for when conducting company research include:

  • Company structure data providing accurate mappings of the target organization with listings including corporate family name, subsidiaries and organization charts
  • Company profiles summarizing a companys history, media track record, executives, financials and other information
  • Business reports on specific areas of interest, often with expert analytical coverage on a companys market size, top players and financial forecasts.
  • News and press releases including recent events and at least one year of archived coverage
  • IT profiles showing investments being made on infrastructure
  • Analyst reports with objective evaluations of a companys status and prospects
  • Industry market research and segment reports showing the context within which a company operates including its concerns, challenges, issues, and even the mindset of its managers
  • Annual Reports with 10K data submitted to the SEC as well as management discussion of products, infrastructure and key initiatives
  • Listings of senior staff including profiles of key executives
  • SEC filings with important financial and company direction information, as well as financial health data

The Value of Business Information Services

With the huge volumes of content available today, time-pressed business professionals can optimize efficiency by using a proven, business information service for company research.

A leading provider is OneSource Information Services, Inc. OneSource does the work of selecting premier content providers, collecting all relevant information, and blending and normalizing many data streams into one consistent, easily consumable asset. Many steps are taken to optimize information quality with sophisticated automated processes and expert editorial oversight.

A growing number of organizations use business information services to avoid the error and inefficiency of aggregating, integrating, analyzing and managing information in an ad hoc manner.

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