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Enrich My CRM

Enriching CRM data helps to drive conversion, shorten sales cycles and improve CRM adoption. Critical OneSource data including industry, company size, corporate family information and executive data such as email can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM, reducing research time, eliminating manual input errors and reducing conflict channels.

Enhance CRM data using OneSource:

  • Drive Conversion by Improving Lead Quality
    Providing sales reps with more complete lead data enables them to prioritize and more effectively work prospects. Access to detailed, accurate company and executive information facilitates improved call preparation, improving the chance of a productive relationship from the start.
  • Improve Lead Assignment and Reduce Channel Conflicts
    By appending standardized, comprehensive information to leads on a consistent basis, you can better segment and assign leads�reducing conflicts based on territory, company size, corporate family relationships and more.
  • Engage Users with Better, More Complete Data
    Automatic data enhancement helps drive engagement with the CRM and helps to ensure that you are capturing more critical sales activity information. Capturing this critical account-related information ensures minimal disruption in the face of personnel transition and strategic realignments.
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