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The LiveContent Advantage

The LiveContent Platform blends together the best content from more than 50 data suppliers and thousands of information sources across the full spectrum of business information: compiled data, editorial content, information mined from web sites and social and new media data.

The LiveContent Advantage

How Does OneSource Deliver More Complete, and Accurate Business Information?

Better inputs, superior content management technology and unmatched editorial review.

Compiled Data
Data assembled from directories and proprietary databases including Infogroups best-in-class databases and data licensed from third-party content providers.

Editorial Content
Content developed by editors tapping into news feeds and research reports to review and enrich information.

Web Mining
Information automatically mined from corporate websites, blogs and other publicly accessible sources of Internet content.

Social Media
Content contributed by users through social networking sites, user contributed data exchanges and self-publication. LiveContent fuses data from multiple sources, removes duplicates, and synthesizes the information down to the data-element level. For example, it can pull a bio from one data source, a job title from another, and an email address from a third source, combining these into one consolidated contact.

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