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iSell: Who to Call, When to Call, What to Say.

Sales 2.0 Technology Powered by the LiveContent™ Platform

Imagine... ... Your best salespeople spending more time selling and less time prospecting.

Imagine... ... Turning your entire team into "A Players"

Imagine... ... Being the first to know about hot sales opportunities

You’ve just envisioned life with OneSource iSell.

A complete sales intelligence solution including company profiles, contacts, emails, social media content, news, sales trigger events, company SWOT reports, and more.

OneSource iSell transforms the way that you sell by continuously delivering the most timely and relevant opportunities personalized to your specific needs—whether by territory, company size, vertical, or other criteria.

iSell enables you to focus your efforts: reaching targeted prospects based on real-time selling opportunities, resulting in greater revenue and improved sales productivity.

OneSource iSell is powered by the LiveContent™ Platform: delivering the most accurate, in-depth and comprehensive business information available.

OneSource iSell delivers an automated feed of hot prospects prioritized by:

  • Relevance by target industry, company size, geography, etc.
  • Sales triggers, such as new funding, exec changes, or other critical events
  • Depth of information available on the specific contact

In addition to delivering contact information for these hot prospects, iSell offers you the context and real-time opportunity information you need to initiate productive discussions.

Find out how OneSource iSell is transforming sales—one rep at a time.