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Online Company Information

Sources of Online Company Information

The Internet provides free access to some business information, and Search Engines can be useful tools to access this free information on the Internet.

However, many of sources do not provide their most detailed information for free. Subscription business information services often provide much more detailed information. They also provide higher quality than free information on the Internet, which can be out-of-date and may not have been verified at all.

OneSource provides a subscription that aggregates data from many different sources and provides it through one subscription service, making it easy for users of the subscription to access the best business information through a single source.

Company Profiles

Company information is often delivered via company profiles that summarize a companys history, executives, financials and more. Online business information services offer company profiles as part of extensive information databases, Internet browser solutions or single company research reports often with a paid subscription. Other online sources offer company profiles on a pay-as-you-go basis. A lot of information on company websites is free. A quick Google search on company information will bring up a variety of sources in an instant.

Common components of a company profile are:

  • Company information such as office locations, subsidiaries, and parent and corporate family name
  • Business description summarizing company focus, history, competitive position and corporate structure
  • Listings of senior staff
  • Financial health data
  • Brands and trade names, lines of business, markets served and other data
  • Announcements and news coverage

Business Reports

Other sources of company information include in-depth business reports on specific areas of interest. For example, OneSource the worlds leading global business information service offers comprehensive executive listings with biographies, educational background and professional affiliations.

OneSource also provides detailed IT profiles and company research with expert analytical coverage on factors like a companys market size, top players and financial forecasts. Real-time news alerts help business users track events affecting top clients, prospects and competitors.

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